America is slowly opening up to embracing interracial dating, a trend which was just until recently considered a taboo but is now steadily gaining popularity.

It comes as no surprise that the conservative South was the last to stop viewing interracial dating with a jaundiced eye. In 1965, a Gallup poll concluded that 72% of whites in the South were disinclined towards interracial dating and marriages, while 42% were in favour in the North. Regardless of the statistics on interracial relationships, deciding to date or marry someone of another race is a personal decision.

The US has come a long way since the days of the North-South divide, and even interracial marriages are now on the rise, let alone interracial dating.

First and foremost, the rise of the Global Village has led to increasing exposure, both socially and professionally. Interracial interactions are becoming rife, and people’s mind sets are undergoing upheaval. So the thought, If it’s alright to work with someone, it’s alright to date that someone as well.’ This exposure leads to forays into interracial relationships.

Public viewpoint across the nation has progressed and realized that every race has something good to offer the others. It’s just a question of letting go of misconceptions and racial biases. Reaching out through the best interracial dating sites opens up avenues for interracial dating.

With education becoming more prolific, and students interacting with peers from other racial heritage, the youth, more specifically are becoming progressively tolerant of interracial dating. So much so that the younger population will use the services of the best interracial dating sites to find a date from another race.

According to a new Cornell University study, interracial dating is becoming more and more common in the US. There has been an increasing acceptance of interracial relationships in the recent years. Since the Supreme Court gave its consent to interracial marriages nearly fifty years ago, the statistics on interracial couples has seen a steady, if not phenomenal growth. From just 1% in 1970, the figures stood at 13% in 2013.

Legal consent in all the States has given the nod to interracial dating and interracial marriages, and has influenced the social perceptions towards them.

Interracial dating sites have become a widely accepted social norm, and are no longer viewed as being subversive.

Marketing is one of the major factors responsible for the rising trend in interracial dating. Marketing campaigns and commercials featuring interracial families symbolize acceptance, and this resonates within minds.

Lest we forget, the human heart at times overcomes all else, and an interracial relationship is a matter of personal choice.

Public observance and open empathy are two excellent platforms that have fostered interracial dating sites and interracial couples are viewed as a normal phenomenon now, rather than otherwise.

Fixing up people from different races is the initiative taken up by interracial dating sites. Some of the best interracial dating sites are: InterracialMatch.com; InterracialCupid.com; MixedFinder.com.

Politics is never far from cashing in on a trend, and appealing to interracial dating and accepting interracial couples goes a long way in portraying the government as one fostering racial harmony.

In the perspective of the now’, while Interracial Dating is on trend, it is still a long and bumpy road ahead for complete acceptance in the US.